“Oyfn vegh shteit a boym”, lullaby in Yiddish

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On the way stands a tree
He stands grown
All birds from the tree
Went up and flown

Three turn to the west, three to the east
And the rest to South
And the tree was left alone
Vacant for the storm

I say to mammele
Here you Shall not disturb me
because mammele, one, two
Soon I’ll become a bird

I will sit on the tree
And will make it colorful
Over the winter with a comfort
With a beautiful melody

Said the mamme, strange child
And she cries with tears
You will forbid, on the tree
Be frozen

I say mame, it’s a shame
Your lovely eyes
And before that, and before when
I will be a bird

Cries the mamme, Itzik Crown
See, on Gottes will
Take with you a scarf
You can chill yourself

The slippers put them on
It will be a strong winter
And the cap take it with you
Woe to me, and the wind

And this winter-jacket take it
Put it on you fool
or you would not be a guest
Among all the dead

Flutter the wings, it’s hard to me
Too much, too many things
has the mamme put on me
Her weak bird

I look sad at
my mammes eyes
it didn’t leave her love
if I become a bird

On the way stands a tree
He stands bended
All birds from the tree
Went up and flown


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