Der Gliklecher Mentsh דער גליקלעכער מענטש yiddish cartoon

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A mayse far kinder un far di vos lernen zikh oys yidish

Der Gliklekher Mentsh. (El Hombrte feliz / The happy person )

דער גליקלעכער מענטש 

Multicultural Animated Project “Four Directions of Fairy Tales” (Cztery Strony Bajek)

Sponsored by Embassy of United States in Warsaw.

An Animated Fairy Tale in Yiddish

מארטינא מאיעווסקא

קאָבי ווייצנער

קאָבי ווייצנער

גראפישער פּראָיעקט, אנימאציע, מאָנטאזש:
מארטשין קאָזשלינסקי

Kevin MacLeod – קעווין מעק-לעאָד

מענדי כאהאן, אָלגא מיעלעשטשוק

Di Ku, La Vaca, The cow

An animated Yiddish version of a famous Russian song made popular by Leonid and Edith Utyosov.

Under the auspices of the “Forverts” a new CD is in preparation called “Lider mit a yidishn tam” — “Songs with A Jewish Flavor”. This CD will include new songs, composed by the singer and composer Rita Koyfman as well as several songs by the famous Russian composers, Isaak Dunayevsky and Nikita Bogoslovsky.

The words to these songs were written by Boris Sandler. The famous pianist, Evgeny Kissin, also participated in the project and translated one of the Russian songs into Yiddish. All the songs were performed and arranged by Rita and Naum Koyfman.


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