Yiddish Vinkl

“A bayshpil”, sung by Jacob Gorelik

900 624 Itzik Gottesman

Jacob (Yankev) Gorelik was born in Schedrin (Shchadryn, Scadryn) Belarus, and came to the US in the 1920s. This performance was recorded at a concert in New York City on…

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Official transliteration guide for Yiddish according to the YIVO, the Official Yiddish Language Academy

974 605 Jewish Website

Official transliteration guide for Yiddish according to the YIVO, the Official Yiddish Language Academy. Download PDF EXCEPTION: When the word אויף is used as a preposition, it is pronounced and therefore transliterated as af (not oyf),…

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Mentshn-Fresser, feat. Sveta Kundish & Daniel Kahn. This 100-Year-Old Yiddish Pandemic Song Could Have Been Written Today

1024 683 dkpaintedbird

In 1916, Solomon Smulevitz, a Yiddish musician and entertainer who immigrated to America from Belarus, wrote “Mentshn-Fresser.” The song’s title means “man eater,” or “devourer of mankind.” Written by Solomon…

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YAAANA’s Mame Loshn Zoom Festival Starts this Sunday!

1024 683 YAAANA

We are excited to announce that YAAANA’s first Mame Loshn Festival of Female Creativity in Yiddish starts this Sunday, July 19th, and continues until Tuesday, August 4th. The festival program…

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“A dank dir, mayn lebn” – Chilean classic “Gracias a la vida”, sung in Yiddish by Roman Grinberg

1024 683 SaveTheMusic

Maybe the most beautiful hymn to life ever written with no need of further introductions or explanations. It is a song telling everything in itself, and going directly inside the…

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Boris Sandler, Treplekh aroyf tsu a nes: a sibe far a mesibe

1024 576 Congress for Jewish Culture

On Sunday 12 July 2020, the Congress for Jewish Culture together with the California Institute for Yiddish Culture and Language, and Yung Yidish of Tel Aviv honored the Yiddish writer…

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July 15, 1913: Avrom Sutskever, great Yiddish poet, is born

380 255 Ruth R. Wisse

(1913–2010), Yiddish poet. Born in Smorgon’, a small industrial city southeast of Vilna, Avrom Sutzkever spent his early childhood in Omsk, Siberia, where his parents took refuge from the invading German…

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Verter fun der Vokh – Bastille Day

1024 640 League for Yiddish

Arc de Triomph: דער טריו֜֜מף־טוי֜ער [DER TRYÚMF-TÓYER] Bastille Day: דער פֿע֜רצעטער יו֜לי [DER FÉRTSETER YÚLI] champagne: דער שאַמפּאַ֜ניער [DER ShAMPÁNYER] crepe: די קרעפּ, ־ן [DI KREP, -N] Eiffel Tower: דער…

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International contest for Yiddish song and klezmer music

1024 948 Forward

דער בראַזילאַנער פֿעסטיוואַל „קלעזטיוואַל“ — דער גרעסטער פֿעסטיוואַל פֿון ייִדישער מוזיק אין דרום־אַמעריקע — לאַנצירט הײַיאָר אַן אינטערנאַציאָנאַלן קאָנקורס, „די באָבע־פּרעמיעס“, וואָס וועט אָנערקענען דאָס בעסטע נײַע ייִדישע ליד, די בעסטע נײַע…

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Large archive of Moscow State Yiddish Theater now online

1024 768 פֿאָרווערטס־רעדאַקציע

דער „בלאַוואַטניק־אַרכיוו“ האָט לעצטנס געשטעלט אויף דער אינטערנעץ הונדערטער בילדער פֿון חפֿצים פֿאַרבונדן מיט דער געשיכטע פֿונעם מאָסקווער ייִדישן מלוכה־טעטאַער („גאָסעט“). די אַרטיפֿאַקטן, וואָס נעמען אַרײַן הונדערטער פֿאָטאָגראַפֿיעס, סצענאַרן, בראָשורן, צייכענונגען און…

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