Yiddish Courses

Immersion Programs

The Naomi Prawer Kadar International Yiddish Summer Program

Tel Aviv, Israel

A four-week immersion program held at Israel’s Tel Aviv University. Students attend Yiddish courses and participate in workshops and excursions. Instruction is geared towards both native English and Hebrew speakers, and students of all nationalities are welcome to apply. Program dates for 2018 are June 28-July 25. Students earn four college credits upon completion of program. Full-time students enrolled in degree programs are eligible for a scholarship. Tuition is $1,450, plus a $60 registration fee. Housing is an additional $800.

Uriel Weinreich Program in Yiddish Language, Literature & Culture

New York City

This Manhattan-based six-week summer immersion program is sponsored by the YIVO Institute and Bard College. Courses range from absolute beginner to advanced and include instruction not only in reading, writing and speaking, but also in the history and culture of Yiddish. Sign up for YIVO’s newsletter to keep up to date on upcoming registration dates and deadlines. Tuition is $6,000. Scholarships are available and students needing housing can stay at the International House, where prices range from $900-$1,300 for the six weeks.

Yiddish Book Center
Amherst, Massachusetts

The Yiddish Book Center offers both a one-week winter immersion program and a seven-week summer immersion program in Amherst, Massachusetts. The one-week program, YiddishSchool, is geared towards beginner, advanced beginner and intermediate learners, and is open to all age groups. The 2018 YiddishSchool program runs April 22-27. Tuition plus a room shared with one other person is $1,100 ($375 extra for private room.) Tuition for commuters is $750. Registration limited to Yiddish Book Center members.

The seven-week program also takes place in Amherst. Students may stay in dormitory suites at Hampshire College, which is within walking distance of the Yiddish Book Center. Students can earn up to six college credits. The program is available to undergraduate and graduate students between ages 18 and 26. Tuition is free; however, housing is $1,400, and students are also expected to cover the cost of meals. Stipends that cover costs such as food as well as free housing available to participants in the Yiddish Book Center’s internship program.

Online Courses

Workers Circle

Workman’s Circle is “New York’s leading center for Yiddish language instruction, and the largest provider of Yiddish language classes in the U.S. outside of academic institutions.” They provide Yiddish classes at all levels.

Semester-Long In-Person Courses

Columbia University (New York City)

Columbia University in Manhattan offers degree programs in Yiddish Studies. Available classes include Elementary Yiddish I and II, Intermediate Yiddish I and II, Yiddish for Academic Purposes, and Reading-Yiddish Literature. Note that all classes may not be available during all semesters. Non-matriculated students may take one class per semester.

Rutgers University (New Brunswick, New Jersey)

Rutgers offers in-person courses on Yiddish language, culture, and literature at its campus in New Brunswick, New Jersey. There are currently no Yiddish classes planned for the Spring 2018 semester, but keep your eyes open for a class or two in Fall 2018. Courses are open to non-matriculated students, and those over the age of 62 may audit courses.

Yiddish Farm
Goshen, New York

About 65 miles outside of New York City, the Yiddish Farm in Goshen, New York, offers a two-week summer program, but also offers shorter-term volunteering and learning opportunities. For the summer immersion program, which runs April 23-June 13 in 2018, participants are expected to reside on the farm and perform work there. Students of all ages, ethnicities, and religions are welcome to participate, although the farm is shomer shabbes (Shabbat-observant). English is allowed to be spoken the first week of the course, but after that, only Yiddish is allowed, regardless of proficiency level. College credits are available for $200 per credit. The summer program costs $1,999 ($2,999 for those requiring a private room). Volunteering is free, but participants must pay for housing if required.

YIVO (New York City)

YIVO offers an array of in-person courses, from beginner to advanced, at its Manhattan headquarters. Courses generally meet once a week for 10 weeks, 15 West 16th Street in Manhattan. YIVO members $250, non-members $325. Membership $54/year. Yivo.org