“My shvester Jaye” by Binem Heller, recited by Hadassa Kestin and performed by dozens of artists from around the world

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My shvester Jaye, by Binem Heller read by Hadassa Kestin. A mixture with its reading and its translation for your benefit, since not everyone has a poem written for a…

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Scott Hilton Davis presents: Celebrating Jacob Dinezon On His 100th Yortsayt

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Who was Jacob Dinezon, the Yiddish writer who in his day outshone even Sholem Aleichem? Scott Hilton Davis tells his remarkable personal journey with the rediscovery of Jacob Dinezon, the…

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How to translate Yiddish Humor into Japanese… Without losing your Punchline!

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Prof. Yoshiji Hirose is an internationally recognized expert in Jewish American literature, and in Yiddish literature in particular. In addition to an impressive list of publications which critically examine the…

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Kolya Borodulin presents: Birobidzhan – An Incredible Dream At The Far Reaches Of The World

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Ek Velt – An Incredible Dream At The Far Reaches Of The World< ק װעלט׃ די פֿאַרכאַפּנדיקע מעשׂה פֿון ייִדיש אין ביראָבידזשאַן Please join us for the fascinating story of…

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Dvir Bar-Gal presents: Sweet & Sour Safe Haven – Jewish Refugees in Shanghai

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At the start of WWII, 20,000 Jewish refugees made it to the cosmopolitan city of Shanghai, even as the revolution was raging in China and the Japanese were about to…

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Yiddish Poetry Beat to Live Klezmer Music

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A special day of Yiddish poetry and Klezmer music with Miri Koral and Klezmer Juice! For more information, visit the California Institute for Yiddish Culture and Language website on,…

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Khosn Kale Mazl Tov + wedding songs

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Song Mazl Tov Dances Artist Maxwell Street Klezmer Band Album You Should Be So Lucky! Licensed to YouTube by Live Nation Video Network; BMI – Broadcast Music Inc., and 2…

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Japanese Choir singing “My Yiddishe Mame”

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My Yiddisha Mame Lyrics Jack Yellen (1892 – 1991), Music Lew Pollack (1895 – 1946) Jack Yellen was born in Poland on July 6, 1892. When he was five years…

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“Oyfn vegh shteit a boym”, lullaby in Yiddish

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On the way stands a tree He stands grown All birds from the tree Went up and flown Three turn to the west, three to the east And the rest…

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