Mentshn-Fresser, feat. Sveta Kundish & Daniel Kahn. This 100-Year-Old Yiddish Pandemic Song Could Have Been Written Today

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In 1916, Solomon Smulevitz, a Yiddish musician and entertainer who immigrated to America from Belarus, wrote “Mentshn-Fresser.” The song’s title means “man eater,” or “devourer of mankind.” Written by Solomon…

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“A dank dir, mayn lebn” – Chilean classic “Gracias a la vida”, sung in Yiddish by Roman Grinberg

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Maybe the most beautiful hymn to life ever written with no need of further introductions or explanations. It is a song telling everything in itself, and going directly inside the…

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Avreiml der Marvikher, performed by Florian Pollak, Roman Grinberg and the Vienna JazzKlez Band

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Mordechai Gebirtig, born in 1877 in Krakow, Poland, was a Yiddish folk poet and songwriter. Gebirtig had three daughters, for whom he wrote and performed his poems. The words were…

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Four Yiddish songs to honor The Fourth of July

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Four Yiddish songs to honor The Fourth of July — English translations provided — Performed by the Jewish People’s Philharmonic Chorus / JPPC Binyumen Schaechter, Conductor “The Star-Spangled Banner” in Yiddish!…

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Our special event for Mexican Jews: Yiddish-Meksikanish: Exploring Yiddish Poetry in Mexico

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Yiddish-Meksikanish: Exploring Yiddish Poetry in Mexico. Mexico City was a lively center of Yiddish culture, art, and education and it was the destination for tens of thousands of Ashkenazi, Sephardi, and…

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Silvia Bialik – “Oif Eibik Yiddish”

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Silvia Bialik – “Oif Eibik Yidish – Telenovela y Curso” Silvia Bialik – "Oif Eibik Yidish – Telenovela y Curso" Silvia Bialik – "Oif Eibik Yidish – Telenovela y Curso"…

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Why are Yiddish Songs So Popular Now?

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Join Rukhl Schaechter, editor of the Forverts, as she explores the growing interest in Yiddish music, with singers Lorin Sklamberg, Daniel Kahn, Sarah Gordon, Michael Alpert and folksong maven Itzik…

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“My shvester Jaye” by Binem Heller, recited by Hadassa Kestin and performed by dozens of artists from around the world

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My shvester Jaye, by Binem Heller read by Hadassa Kestin. A mixture with its reading and its translation for your benefit, since not everyone has a poem written for a…

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Scott Hilton Davis presents: Celebrating Jacob Dinezon On His 100th Yortsayt

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Who was Jacob Dinezon, the Yiddish writer who in his day outshone even Sholem Aleichem? Scott Hilton Davis tells his remarkable personal journey with the rediscovery of Jacob Dinezon, the…

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How to translate Yiddish Humor into Japanese… Without losing your Punchline!

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Prof. Yoshiji Hirose is an internationally recognized expert in Jewish American literature, and in Yiddish literature in particular. In addition to an impressive list of publications which critically examine the…

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