Cantor Moshe Ganchoff, Pulitzer Prize-Winner Julia Wolfe, A Jazz Schwing, and more

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Cantor Moshe Ganchoff reflects on a life in the cantorate. Interview by Neil W. Levin, Jacob Mendelsohn, Nathan Lam, Alberto Mizrahi, Noah Schall, and Daniel Gildar. Milken Archive oral history…

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Doodie Ringelblum’s Oral History

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Doodie Ringelblum, a medical doctor and Yiddish activist based in Melbourne, was interviewed by Christa Whitney on August 8, 2014 at Yidish-Vokh in Reisterstown, Maryland. This interview was conducted in…

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Yiddish South of the Border. An Anthology of Latin American Yiddish Writing, edited by Alan Astro

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Alan Astro has compiled the first anthology of Latin American Yiddish writings translated into English. Included are works of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Uruguay, and…

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Yiddish songs of resistance and resilience from Eastern Europe recently rescued

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The World Premiere of Yiddish Glory: The Lost Songs of World War II in the Soviet Union, produced by Grigory and Olga Antimony for the Russian language channel RTV-i and…

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A malke af pesekh (A Queen for Passover)

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The late Bruce Adler sings Louis Gilrod’s A malke af pesekh with clarinetist David Krakauer and the Barcelona Symphony, conducted by Elli Jaffe. Milken Archive recording session, 2001. Credit: Milken…

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Zog Nit Keyn Mol – Hymn of the Partisans interpreted by the Jewish Popular Choir “Mordje Guebirtig” of Buenos Aires- Argentina

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An excellent presentation of the Partizaner Himn – Jewish Popular Choir “Mordje Guebirtig” of Buenos Aires- Argentina. “Zog nit keyn mol” (Never Say; Yiddish: זאָג ניט קיין מאָל‎) or “Partizaner lid” (Partisan…

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Daniel Kahn, Psoy Korolenko, Oy Division – The Unternationale in Tel Aviv

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The Unternationale concert in Tel Aviv, Levontin 7 club, 5 Nov 2008. Дэниел Кан, Псой Короленко, Ой Дивижн – Унтернационал в Тель-Авиве, клуб “Левонтин 7” Setlist: 1. 0:41 Instrumental 2.…

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Ghetto Tango: Wartime Yiddish Theater

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If you like Kurt Weill or Tom Waits, you will probably enjoy Ghetto Tango, an immaculately packaged collection of World War II Yiddish theater songs intelligently interpreted by two contemporary…

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Jewish Music 101

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Music has been a part of Jewish life since biblical times, and remains integral to the Jewish religious and cultural experiences. usic has been a part of Jewish life since biblical…

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Golden age of Yiddish radio

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All that survives from the “golden age” of Yiddish radio in the 1930s to ’50s are a thousand fragile discs, rescued from storerooms, attics, and even dumpsters. But what a…

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