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Jewish Folk Chorus celebrates Yiddish music — and Yiddish values

1024 576 Andrew Muchin

hen the Jewish Folk Chorus of San Francisco started way back in 1926, all of the singers, not to mention most of the audience, understood the Yiddish lyrics they were singing. “It…

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Words of the Week: Impeachment // אימפּי֜טשמענט

1024 389 League for Yiddish

abuse of power: דאָס אױ֜סניצן די מאַכט לרעה; דער קרו֜מבאַניץ פֿון דער מאַכט [DOS ÓYSNITSN DI MAKhT LERÓE; DER KRÚMBANITS FUN DER MAKhT] article of impeachment: דער אײַ֜נשולדיק־⁠פּאַראַגראַ֜ף, ־ן [DER…

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Yiddish Animals Quiz

1024 536 YIVO Institute for Jewish Research

You’re about to set off on an excursion around the world to find and document an extraordinary array of Yiddish creatures. Before you leave, you need to prepare with the…

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The Yiddish Handbook: 40 Words You Should Know

1024 424 Michael

The Yiddish language is a wonderful source of rich expressions, especially terms of endearment (and of course, complaints and insults). This article is a follow up on Ten Yiddish Expressions You…

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Yiddish Words of The Week: Apple

284 177 League for Yiddish

Adam’s apple: דער (גאָרגל)קנאָפּ, …קנעפּ [DER (GORGL)KNOP, (…)KNEP] apple: דער עפּל, -׳ [DER EPL, -] apple blossom: דער ע֜פּלצוויט, -׳ [DER ÉPLTSVIT, -] apple butter: דער ע֜פּלשמיר [DER ÉPLShMIR] apple…

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Yiddish arts and culture in the 21st century

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Join us in welcoming Jana Mazurkiewicz Meisarosh, the founder and director of the Yiddish Arts and Academics Association of North America (YAAANA).YAAANA is dedicated to the promotion of Yiddish language…

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Upcoming Concert: Ikh Zing – The Yiddish Tradition

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Dear Friends: Join me and pianist, Pablo Zinger, Saturday, December 7th at 7:30 PM at the historic Metropolitan Playhouse in NYC for an intimate presentation of “IKH ZING: The Yiddish…

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Fitting Fanfare: Celebrating Yiddish Author Jacob Dinezon’s 100th Yortsayt

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Fitting Fanfare: Celebrating Yiddish Author Jacob Dinezon יעקבֿ דינעזאָן On His 100th Yortsayt צו זײַן 100טן יאָרצײַט Thanks to one man’s quest to restore a once-beloved and wildly popular Yiddish…

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Save the Date! “From Babies to Bubbies”, Yiddish concert, June 14, 2020

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Save the date! FROM BABIES TO BUBBIES – A LIFETIME IN YIDDISH MUSIC performed by The Jewish People’s Philharmonic Chorus / JPPC Binyumen Schaechter, Conductor Seth Weinstein, Pianist ENGLISH TRANSLATIONS…

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