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ווידעאָ: חורבן־ליד אָנגעשריבן פֿון אַ 12־יעריק קינד

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דער אַלבאָם „ייִדישע פּראַכט‟, אַ פּראָיעקט פֿון ד׳׳ר אַנאַ שטערנשיס צוזאַמען מיט אַ גרופּע מוזיקער און די זינגער פּסאָי קאָראָלענקאָ און סאָפֿי מילמאַן, האָט באַקאַנט געמאַכט פֿאַרן ברייטן עולם מיט אַ…

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Moti Giladi: ‘My Way’ in Yiddish (2007)

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Moti Giladi sings “My Way” in Yiddish (Mayn veg) at the Festival of Jewish Culture in Warsaw: “Singer’s Warsaw” in Warsaw, Poland, in 2007. The festival, which has been taking place since…

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Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” in Yiddish!

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On YouTube in honor of today’s December 16th birthday of Ludwig van Beethoven here’s the Yiddish adaptation and the new choral adaptation of his “Ode to Joy” from his Ninth…

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Upcoming Concert: Ikh Zing: The Yiddish Tradition

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Preservation New Jersey presents IKH ZING: The Yiddish Tradition,  a celebration of Yiddish culture from Europe and the Americas through song, performed by The Murad – Zinger Duo featuring Nicole Murad, vocalist and and Pablo…

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Beethoven’s “Ale Brider” oif Yiddish

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Yiddish poem: I. L. Peretz (1852-1915) Original music: Beethoven’s 9th Symphony Choral adaptation: Binyumen Schaechter Filmed live in performance November 1, 2015 • Merkin Concert Hall, NYC Jewish People’s Philharmonic…

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Beautiful Yiddish Chanukah Song, “Borekh ate”

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The *beautiful* Yiddish Chanukah song “Borekh ate” (“Blessed Art Thou”) Performed by the Jewish People’s Philharmonic Chorus / JPPC Binyumen Schaechter, Conductor And if you haven’t yet seen the following…

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Yale Strom Yiddish scholar & artist leading a unique tour to Moldova and Romania in Oct. 2020

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I am excited to tell you that I am leading a tour next year to Moldova and Romania that will focus on the Jewish history and culture in these countries.…

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New Contemporary Yiddish “Hanukkah, Oh, Hanukkah”

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On YouTube A new contemporary choral arrangement of the classic song “Oy, Khanike, Oy, Khanike” (“Chanukah, Oh, Chanukah”) in the original Yiddish. Performed by the Jewish People’s Philharmonic Chorus /…

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Jewish Folk Chorus celebrates Yiddish music — and Yiddish values

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hen the Jewish Folk Chorus of San Francisco started way back in 1926, all of the singers, not to mention most of the audience, understood the Yiddish lyrics they were singing. “It…

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“Oyfn vegh shteit a boym”, lullaby in Yiddish

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On the way stands a tree He stands grown All birds from the tree Went up and flown Three turn to the west, three to the east And the rest…

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