SaveTheMusic invites you to listen and learn more about “Zog Nit Keynmol”: Lyrics, transliterations, performers, and more!

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Zog Nit Keynmol Az du Gueist Dem Letztn Veg… Never say that you are walking on your last road… With these words starts the song written by Hirsh Glick in…

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Der Dibek (The Dybbuk): 100th Anniversary Production

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December 2020 marks 100 years since the curtain first rose on the Vilner Troupe’s ground-breaking production of Sh. Ansky’s Der Dibek (The Dybbuk, or, Between Two Worlds) which theater historian…

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Four happy songs with Bodo

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Recently, the young Yiddishist and movie lover Aaron Bendich uploaded to YouTube some disco songs in Yiddish from the Israeli film, “When you give, you take.” Until recently, almost no…

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California Dreamin’ in Yiddish

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California Dreamin’ in Yiddish with beatboxing and a flute מיר איז תּמיד אינטערעסאַנט, ווען מענטשן זעצן איבער פּאָפּולערע אַמעריקאַנער לידער אויף ייִדיש, בפֿרט ווען עס גייט אַ רייד וועגן אַ…

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SaveTheMusic presents: “Mu Asapru, mu adabru”

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Here is a classic Passover song which can be a fun challenge in counting backwards in Yiddish after drinking wine. מה אספּרה, מה אדברה אותך װער קען זאָגן, װער קען…

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On the eve of the elections: “America the Beautiful’’ in Yiddish

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מיט די אַלע ערנסטע שפּאַנונגען אין דער אַמעריקאַנער געזעלשאַפֿט, איז גרינג די טעג צו זײַן ציניש. אַז איך גיב אָבער אַ קוק אויף די מיליאָנען מענטשן וואָס וואַרטן שעהען לאַנג…

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Jave Alberstein sings “Hey Tziguele”

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Jave Alberstein sings a shepherd’s mournful song to his goats פֿאַראַכטאָגן האָט מען געשטעלט אויף יוטוב אַ ווידעאָ, אין וועלכן חווה אַלבערשטיין זינגט מרדכי געבירטיגס „היי ציגעלעך“ אַקאַפּעלאַ אויף אַ…

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Mentshn-Fresser, feat. Sveta Kundish & Daniel Kahn. This 100-Year-Old Yiddish Pandemic Song Could Have Been Written Today

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In 1916, Solomon Smulevitz, a Yiddish musician and entertainer who immigrated to America from Belarus, wrote “Mentshn-Fresser.” The song’s title means “man eater,” or “devourer of mankind.” Written by Solomon…

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