New Book: Eliezer Steinbarg: A Collection of Poems for Children in Yiddish

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Eliezer Steinbarg: A Collection of Poems for Children in Yiddish,
Illustrator: Nurit Yuval, Tsur-ot, Jerusalem 2013.
ISBN 978-965-553-050-6.  (80 pages, 40 illustrations).

From the editor, Dr. Adina Bar-El,

Eliezer Steinbarg, author of the selected works in this book, lived and worked at the start of the twentieth century, at a time when children’s literature in Yiddish was beginning to flourish.

Steinbarg is known to many, mainly for his fables. This collection offers a selection of Yiddish poems for children, most of them rhythmical and humorous, presenting the children their immediate environment in beautiful and rich language. The poems relate to the timeless world of children, wherever they may be, among them poems describing Jewish life. The collection also contains a story which demonstrates the lyricism and sophistication of Steinbarg’s prose writing as well.

This selection is suitable for children and adults alike. The texts might evoke nostalgic memories among adult speakers and lovers of Yiddish, and will also be suitable for anyone wishing to learn the language at any age.

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