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National Yiddish Theatre Folksbiene’s Production of Amid Falling Walls (Tsvishn Falndike Vent) receives Drama Desk Award

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We are excited and proud to share with you, our friends and patrons, that National Yiddish Theatre Folksbiene has won the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Musical Revue for our production of Amid…

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Amid Falling Walls (Tsvishn Falndike Vent): Nominated for Drama Desk Award!

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We are excited and proud to share the news that our production of Amid Falling Walls (Tsvishn Falndike Vent) was nominated for a Drama Desk Award as Outstanding Musical Revue. Tsvishn Falndike…

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Verter fun der Vokh – Weather

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What’s the weather like today? Well, it depends whether you live in the Northern Hemisphere (in which case it’s probably cold, snowy, rainy and/or windy) or in the Southern Hemisphere…

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Compre hoy mismo su ejemplar. Lea los interesantes artículos de Frida Kristal y otros autores

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Compre hoy mismo su ejemplar y lea los interesantes artículos de Frida Kristal y otros autores que intentan responder a la ausencia de soldados por mas de 28 horas y…

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La 4e Université d’été de langue et de littérature yiddish à Berlin aura lieu à l’Institut d’Europe de l’Est de l’Université libre de Berlin du 12 au 30 août 2024.

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Durant trois semaines, l’Institut d’Europe de l’Est accueille des étudiants du monde entier et leur propose des cours de yiddish et des activités culturelles en présentiel. Sous la direction de Yitskhok…

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Registration is now open for online Yiddish Classes starting in February

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Click here to learn more and sign up Chicago YIVO Society is offering three online Yiddish classes this spring via Zoom. Please note that these are continuations of classes offered…

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The Importance Of Folk Music In Helping People To Feel Human

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When I was growing up, folk music was more than just a kind of quaint exotic pretty music to which people listened.  It was also a vehicle through which people…

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Steven Skybell on stage as Tevye in the National Yiddish Theatre Folksbiene production. Photo by Lev Radin.

Is Tevye returning to Europe? Yiddish ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ hopes to head to Germany

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The star of the Yiddish-language “Fiddler on the Roof” production thought it would be no more than a summer curiosity. But after a two-year hiatus induced by the coronavirus pandemic,…

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Take 10 minutes today to remember some great writers senselessly murdered for political purposes

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Precisely 70 years ago today, on August 12th, 1952, 13 Jews were murdered by the Soviet regime in the infamous Lubyanka Prison, including 5 Yiddish writers, including Dovid Bergelson, Itzik…

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Verter fun der Vokh – Israel and Palestine / ישׂראל און פּאַלעסטינע

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‮מ׳האָט שוין אָן אַ שיעור מאָל געפּרוּווט פֿאַרהאַנדלען אַ שלום־אָפּמאַך צווישן ישׂראל און די פּאַלעסטינער, אָבער צו קיין געדויערדיקער לייזונג האָט מען זיך נאָך נישט דעררעדט.   Many attempts have…

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