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Khosn Kale Mazl Tov + wedding songs

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Song Mazl Tov Dances Artist Maxwell Street Klezmer Band Album You Should Be So Lucky! Licensed to YouTube by Live Nation Video Network; BMI – Broadcast Music Inc., and 2…

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Benyumen Shekhter Foundation now accepting grant proposals

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The Benyumen Shekhter Foundation for the Advancement of Standard Yiddish is now accepting grant proposals. We are seeking well-structured initiatives that encourage people to actively speak, read and write in…

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The League for Yiddish is looking for an Executive Director

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The League for Yiddish is seeking qualified candidates for the position of Executive Director, to begin in February 2020. The position is currently part-time, with the possibility of full-time, given…

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Yiddish Summer Weimar 2019. The Weimar Republic of Yiddishland July 12 – August 17

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Registration for Yiddish Summer Weimar workshops is open and advance ticket sales have begun! In 2019 we recognize the 100th anniversary of the beginnings of the Weimar Republic. To celebrate…

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How Sweden Became the Epicenter of Yiddish Children’s Media

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In 1999, Yiddish was declared an official national minority language in Sweden, alongside Finnish, Romani, Meänkieli, and the Sami languages. There’s federal funding in Sweden for media produced in all its national minority…

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A Protest to Leaders Of the Ashkenazi Community in Mexico

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I had the pleasure of working and visiting Mexico — specifically Jewish Mexico — several years ago. I am familiar with its Yiddish teachers and some of these teachers and…

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Dos is di sheinkayt fun Yiddish

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Douss is yiddish asoy vi a moul… Posted by Camille Flaster on Friday, June 28, 2019

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“Shtisel” Opens Up New Possibilities For the Yiddish Theater Read more: http://yiddish.forward.com/articles/215629/shtisel-opens-up-new-possibilities-for-the-yiddish/#ixzz5s51XqJdq

626 326 שׂרה־רחל שעכטער

די אומגעריכטע הצלחה פֿון „פֿידלער אויפֿן דאַך אויף ייִדיש‟ האָט, סוף־כּל־סוף, געוויזן דער וועלט אַז דער טעאַטער־עולם איז גרייט און וויליק צו זען אַ מיוזיקל וווּ דער דיאַלאָג און די…

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Yiddish Music Video Aims to Help the Mentally Ill

1024 551 פֿאָרווערטס־רעדאַקציע

דעם 13טן מײַ איז אין באָראָ־פּאַרק פֿאָרגעקומען אַ טראַגעדיע, וואָס האָט אויפֿגעטרייסלט די אָרטיקע אײַנוווינער און פֿרומע ייִדן אַרום דער וועלט: אַ 23־יאָריקער ייִדישער בחור האָט זיך גענומען דאָס לעבן…

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Yitskhok Niborski from Paris Medem Yiddish Scene on the Yiddish Voice, Weds June 26 2019

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The Yiddish Voice continues its series of interviews with Yiddish activitsts at the Paris Yiddish Center-Medem Library on Wednesday June 26 2019 at 7:30 PM with an interview with Yitskhok…

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