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Knowledge Under Siege | Irena Sendler: In Hiding

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Anna Bikont, Sendlerowa. W ukryciu [Irena Sendler. In hiding] (Wołowiec: Czarne, 2017). A social worker, Irena Sendler (1910-2008) belongs to the pantheon of Poland’s national heroes as a woman who saved 2500…

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Verter fun der Vokh: די ביבליאָטעק – The Library

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‮ווען זי ווערט אויפֿגערעגט האָט זי ליב צוצושפּאַצירן אין ביבליאָטעק, אויסקלײַבן אַ טראַפֿיק ביכל, זיך אַוועקזעצן אינעם לייענזאַל און זיך פּשוט אויסשפּאַנען. When she’s upset, she likes to walk over…

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Ale mentshn zaynen brider: Od to Joy

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Yiddish poem: I. L. Peretz (1852-1915) Original music: Beethoven’s 9th Symphony Choral adaptation: Binyumen Schaechter Yiddish Philharmonic Chorus דער ייִדישער פֿילהאַרמאָנישער כאָר (formerly Jewish People’s Philharmonic Chorus / JPPC) Binyumen…

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Simkhe Songs with Batsheva & Tanya

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Come learn all about celebrations and parties in Yiddish through Yiddish songs such as “Di Yontevdike Teg” among others. Come discover the stories behind and meaning of familiar songs Come…

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Exploring Early Modern Yiddish Literature

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Intermediate-to-advanced level speakers are welcome to join us in a linguistic and literary trip back in time to a world of Eastern European Jews of the  19th century. Reb Nakhman’s Tales, works…

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A Yom Kippur story

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The synagogue packed with people praying under their white tallises looks like “a forest of snow-covered trees” and everyone prays the same prayer, but under each tallis there is a…

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Deadline for international Yiddish music contest extended to August 31

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די אָרגאַניזירער פֿון די „באָבע־פּרעמיעס‟ — דער גרעסטער קאָנקורס פֿון נײַע ייִדישע לידער און כּלי־⁠זמר־קאָמפּאָזיציעס אויף דער וועלט — האָבן געמאָלדן אַז מע האָט פֿאַרלענגערט דעם טערמין אַרײַנצושיקן די שאַפֿונגען ביזן 31סטן…

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A Yiddish Renaissance

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The world is having a Yiddish revival, and we are ready to celebrate! On July 26, more than 140 actors, singers, and musicians from across the world will join us…

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