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January 15, 1987: Note Lurie, Yiddish novelist, died

1024 576 Borekh Tshubinski

He was born in the old Jewish colony of Roskoshnaia, Zaporozhye (Zaporizhia) district, Ukraine.  During a pogrom in 1919, the majority of the residents in the colony were massacred, and…

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The Kharkiv Yiddish literary world, 1920s‐mid‐1930s

883 588 Gennady Estraikh / Academia

The Kharkiv Yiddish literaryworld, 1920s ‐ mid ‐1930s Gennady Estraikh Associate Fellow, Oxford Centre for Hebrewand Jewish Studies Published online: 19 Jun 2008. Download PDF, click here. East European Jewish…

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The magic of Kadya Molodwsky’s children’s poetry – now in English

1024 698 Jordan Kutzik

A new bilingual edition of Kadya Molodowsky’s enchanting Yiddish children’s poetry was recently published in Sweden. Edited and masterfully translated into English by Yaira Singer, “Through an Endless Stretch of Land” makes…

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Der Gliklecher Mentsh דער גליקלעכער מענטש yiddish cartoon

1024 576 Jewish Website

A mayse far kinder un far di vos lernen zikh oys yidish Der Gliklekher Mentsh. (El Hombrte feliz / The happy person ) דער גליקלעכער מענטש  Multicultural Animated Project “Four…

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“Vu di velt hot nor an ek” (Through an Endless Stretch of Land), by Kadya Molodowsky. Children’s poems in Yiddish and English

1024 698 MameLoshn

“Vu di velt hot nor an ek” (Through an Endless Stretch of Land), by Kadya Molodowsky. Children’s poems in Yiddish and English. Yaira Singer has collected, translated, and illustrated her…

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Read Sholem Aleichem’s story, “What a Sukkah!” (includes audio)

1024 640 שלום־עליכם

מע קען זיך צוהערן צו אַנדערע אַרטיקלען פֿונעם פֿאָרווערטס פֿאָרגעלייענט דורך שׂרה־רחל שעכטער, ווי אויך אַנדערע פֿאָרווערטס־רעקאָרדירונגען, דורכן קוועטשן דאָ. פֿאַראַן מענטשן, װאָס האָבן קײן זאַך נישט געלערנט און קאָנען אַלצדינג;…

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Fun Yener Zayt Shvel: Geklibene Artiklen fun Sheva Tsuker

1024 599 League for Yiddish

געקליבענע אַרטיקלען פֿונעם זשורנאַל אויפֿן שוועל פֿון שבֿע צוקער On the Other Side of the Threshold Selected Articles from the Magazine Afn Shvel by Sheva Zucker “The essays gathered in this volume…

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“Der Bund in Bilder, 1957-1897” (The Bund in images, 1957-1897), download it and read it for free in Yiddish and/or English

1000 700 Yiddish Book Center

Jewish labor organizing wasn’t limited to the United States. In 1897, organizers meeting in Minsk founded the Jewish Labor Bund to champion the rights of Jewish workers in Russia and…

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July 15, 1913: Avrom Sutskever, great Yiddish poet, is born

380 255 Ruth R. Wisse

(1913–2010), Yiddish poet. Born in Smorgon’, a small industrial city southeast of Vilna, Avrom Sutzkever spent his early childhood in Omsk, Siberia, where his parents took refuge from the invading German…

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Yiddish Children’s Songs of Y. L. Peretz and Moses Milner

712 420 YIVO Institute for Jewish Research

Sidney Krum Young Artists Concert Series The Sidney Krum Young Artists Concert Series is made possible by a generous gift from the Estate of Sidney Krum. This program is supported,…

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