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Verter fun der Vokh – 4th of July

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Fourth of July // דער פֿע֜רטער יו֜לי // DER FÉRTER YÚLI barbecue (n.): דער באַרבעקיו֜; דאָס פֿע֜לדוואַרמעס [DER BARBEKYÚ; DOS FÉLDVARMES] barbecue (v.): באַרבעקיויִ֜רן; בראָטן אויפֿן פֿײַ֜ער [BARBEKYUÍRN; BROTN AFN…

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Our special event for Mexican Jews: Yiddish-Meksikanish: Exploring Yiddish Poetry in Mexico

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Yiddish-Meksikanish: Exploring Yiddish Poetry in Mexico. Mexico City was a lively center of Yiddish culture, art, and education and it was the destination for tens of thousands of Ashkenazi, Sephardi, and…

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Silvia Bialik – “Oif Eibik Yiddish”

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Silvia Bialik – “Oif Eibik Yidish – Telenovela y Curso” Silvia Bialik – "Oif Eibik Yidish – Telenovela y Curso" Silvia Bialik – "Oif Eibik Yidish – Telenovela y Curso"…

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Why are Yiddish Songs So Popular Now?

1024 451 Forverts

Join Rukhl Schaechter, editor of the Forverts, as she explores the growing interest in Yiddish music, with singers Lorin Sklamberg, Daniel Kahn, Sarah Gordon, Michael Alpert and folksong maven Itzik…

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This New Beatles Yiddish Cover Is Making Us Feel Fine

1024 683 Lior Zaltzman

The Chicago-based a cappella music group Listen Up! has given us some really great music, from this “Old Town Road” remix using the words of Dror Yikra, to this great a cappella cover of Matishyahu’s…

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Verter fun der Vokh – Puzzles

1024 780 The League for Yiddish

across (in crossword): האָריזאָנטאַ֜ל [HORIZONTÁL] acrostic: דער אַקראָסטי֜ך, ־ן [DER AKROSTÍKh, -N] anagram: די אַנאַגראַ֜ם, ־ען [DI ANAGRÁM, -EN] checked letter: דער קאָנטראָלי֜רטער אות, ־יות [DER KONTROLÍRTER OS, ÓYSYES] cipher:…

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WATCH: ‘‘We Shall Overcome’’ sung in Yiddish

1024 569 דזשאָרדין קוציק

אין ליכט פֿון די באַנײַטע פּראָטעסטן לטובֿת די רעכט פֿון אַפֿריקאַנער אַמעריקאַנער, איז כּדאַי ווידער זיך צוצוהערן צום רירנדיקן נוסח פֿונעם הימען פֿון דער אַמעריקאַנער בירגעררעכט־באַוועגונג „מיר וועלן איבערלעבן“, וואָס…

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Yiddish Children’s Songs of Y. L. Peretz and Moses Milner

712 420 YIVO Institute for Jewish Research

Sidney Krum Young Artists Concert Series The Sidney Krum Young Artists Concert Series is made possible by a generous gift from the Estate of Sidney Krum. This program is supported,…

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The ventriloquist who teaches Yiddish

1024 683 Jonathan Geffner

Jonathan Geffner and his puppet partners have enchanted audiences of all ages and sizes throughout the USA and beyond. They have appeared on the nationally seen television programs: Late Night…

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Verter fun der Vokh – Racism

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In light of current events, we are posting a selection of words in connection with the issue of racism. We thank Anthony Mordkhe-Tzvi Russell and Jonah S. Boyarin, who are…

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