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Jewish Folk Chorus celebrates Yiddish music — and Yiddish values

1024 576 Andrew Muchin

hen the Jewish Folk Chorus of San Francisco started way back in 1926, all of the singers, not to mention most of the audience, understood the Yiddish lyrics they were singing. “It…

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Words of the Week: Impeachment // אימפּי֜טשמענט

1024 389 League for Yiddish

abuse of power: דאָס אױ֜סניצן די מאַכט לרעה; דער קרו֜מבאַניץ פֿון דער מאַכט [DOS ÓYSNITSN DI MAKhT LERÓE; DER KRÚMBANITS FUN DER MAKhT] article of impeachment: דער אײַ֜נשולדיק־⁠פּאַראַגראַ֜ף, ־ן [DER…

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Yiddish Animals Quiz

1024 536 YIVO Institute for Jewish Research

You’re about to set off on an excursion around the world to find and document an extraordinary array of Yiddish creatures. Before you leave, you need to prepare with the…

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Meeting in Argentina on Yiddish and memory

800 384 JewishWebSight

On May 2 – 3, 2019 a regional seminar “Communities recall the Holocaust” took place in the town of Posadas, Argentina. It was organized by the Fundación IWO in cooperation…

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A production photo from the Yiddish-language production of Fiddler on the Roof. Photo: Victor Nechay / ProperPix.

Yiddish and Other Languages

720 360 Paul Socken

I speak French with my head and Yiddish with my heart. I learned French in school and made it my field of study and my profession. I know it well…

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אַ נײַ ייִדיש־לערנבוך פֿאַר רוסיש־רעדער

630 472 יואל מאַטוועיעוו

דעם ניו־יאָרקער „אַרבעטער־רינג‟ איז שווער זיך פֿאָרצושטעלן אָן זײַן לאַנגיאָריקן ייִדיש־לערער, ניקאָלײַ (קאָליע) באָראָדולין. גלײַך נאָכן אָנקומען קיין אַמעריקע פֿון זײַן היימשטאָט, ביראָבידזשאַן, אינעם יאָר 1992, האָט ער זיך פֿאַרנומען…

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Japanese Choir singing “My Yiddishe Mame”

1024 548 JewishWebSight

My Yiddisha Mame Lyrics Jack Yellen (1892 – 1991), Music Lew Pollack (1895 – 1946) Jack Yellen was born in Poland on July 6, 1892. When he was five years…

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“Oyfn vegh shteit a boym”, lullaby in Yiddish

480 360 JewishWebSight

On the way stands a tree He stands grown All birds from the tree Went up and flown Three turn to the west, three to the east And the rest…

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Benyumen Shekhter Foundation now accepting grant proposals

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The Benyumen Shekhter Foundation for the Advancement of Standard Yiddish is now accepting grant proposals. We are seeking well-structured initiatives that encourage people to actively speak, read and write in…

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The League for Yiddish is looking for an Executive Director

1024 424 JewishWebSight

The League for Yiddish is seeking qualified candidates for the position of Executive Director, to begin in February 2020. The position is currently part-time, with the possibility of full-time, given…

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