Boris Sandler, Treplekh aroyf tsu a nes: a sibe far a mesibe

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On Sunday 12 July 2020, the Congress for Jewish Culture together with the California Institute for Yiddish Culture and Language, and Yung Yidish of Tel Aviv honored the Yiddish writer Boris Sandler, celebrating his recent publication of 4 new works entirely in Yiddish with a program entitled.

Steps up to a Miracle: a Cause for Celebration featuring international piano sensation Evgeny Kissin and an all star cast in an all Yiddish program.

Time markers:

  • Ilanot Vocal Ensemble 0:12
  • Kolya Borodulin 4:37
  • Rita & Nuchim Koyfman 10:10
  • Refoyel Goldvaser 14:05
  • Yosele Niborski 17:56
  • Dinah Slepovitch 19:10
  • Zisl Slepovitch 20:04
  • Annick Prime Margules 22:34
  • Evgeny Kissin (piano & recitations) 27:02
  • Interview with Boris Sandler by Miri Koral 33:46
  • Sample interviews with Yiddish writers 46:06
  • Mendi Cahan 49:30
  • Shane Baker 51:45
  • Efim Zubritski 54:39

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