Yom-hashoah: 2 Yiddish Holocaust songs

800 431 Yiddish Philharmonic Chorus

The Yiddish Philharmonic Chorus
דער ייִדישער פֿילהאַרמאָנישער כאָר
Binyumen Schaechter, Conductor
Seth Weinstein, Pianist

Two songs
Holocaust Remembrance Day
Yom HaShoah



(Partisans’ Hymn)
also known as
Zog nit keyn mol
‮זאָג ניט קיין מאָל
(Never Say)

Unter di khurves fun Poyln

אונטער די חורבֿות פֿון פּוילן
(Under the Ruins of Poland)
also known as
Dolye mayne, dolye
דאָליע מײַנע, דאָליע
(Fate of Mine, Fate)

with English subtitles
performed in four-part harmony


Yiddish Philharmonic Chorus

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