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Today marks the 20th anniversary of the foundation of Wikipedia, which in this period of time succeeded in use instead of Encyclopedia Britannica as the most consulted source.

Furthermore, Wikipedia is published in 317 languages with millions of daily users. Today however, we want to invite all of you to celebrate 20 years by writing something in Yiddish in this encyclopedia so you just need to go to this page יידיש – װיקיפּעדיע ( and participate in its enrichment by adding articles and comments to the more than 48,000 articles published with more than 565,000 edits made by the almost 40,000 editors who have given a depth of 46 levels of comments on their entries.

Visit this encyclopedia and consult the articles on physics, chemistry, science, technology and many other topics of general and community interest that, in their persevering attempt to continue and rescue the work of the “Alguemeine Encyclopedia”, that was left half edited due to the destruction of the second war, the persecution against its main figures by Stalin and the persecution against its users by the State of Israel.

Today despite everything, the language insists on preserving and preserving the Jewish religious and secular national life in more than 100 countries of the world and thanks to the technology, you can be part of this project. Do it and enjoy the pleasure of knowing that you are a part of a chain that spans more than 500 years of linguistic, cultural and philosophical creativity.


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