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The Importance Of Folk Music In Helping People To Feel Human

840 560 Laurence Mesirow

When I was growing up, folk music was more than just a kind of quaint exotic pretty music to which people listened.  It was also a vehicle through which people…

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In Hasidic Enclaves, Failing Private Schools Flush With Public Money

1024 680 Eliza Shapiroy - Brian M Rosenthal

די חסידישע געמיינדע אין ניו יארק פירט שוין לאנגע יארן איינע פון די גרעסטע פּריוואטע מוסדות אין ניו יארק אויף אירע אייגענע באדינגונגען, זיך קעגנשטעלנדיג סיי וועלכע דרויסנדיגע איבערזיכט אויף…

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Take 10 minutes today to remember some great writers senselessly murdered for political purposes

852 420 Congress for Jewish Culture

Precisely 70 years ago today, on August 12th, 1952, 13 Jews were murdered by the Soviet regime in the infamous Lubyanka Prison, including 5 Yiddish writers, including Dovid Bergelson, Itzik…

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“This Land is Your Land” in Yiddish

664 374 Save the music

As Yiddish singers, musicians, and translators, drawing on our own heritage, we challenge this interpretation, and stand in solidarity with Indigenous, Black, and immigrant voices calling for power, reparation, and justice in this land.

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Verter fun der Vokh – At the Beach

809 459 League for Yiddish

One of my fondest memories as a young girl was going to the beach with my grandmother, swimming in the salt water, collecting seashells, building sandcastles, and – inevitably – getting sunburnt.

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Four Yiddish songs to honor The Fourth of July

290 174 JewishWebsite

Four Yiddish songs to honor The Fourth of July

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Verter fun der Vokh – Chemistry

1024 622 League for Yiddish

Download your own free copy of the Periodic Table in Yiddish!

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Verter fun der Vokh – Celebrating a Jewish Wedding!

700 484 League for Yiddish

הערט ווי טעאָדאָר ביקעל זינגט דאָס קלאַסישע חתונה־ליד „מחותּנתטע מײַנע‮“

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Verter fun der Vokh – The Automobile

550 425 League for Yiddish

אַז משה האָט זיך שוין געדאַרפֿט לאָזן אין וועג אַרײַן האָט ער זיך אַרײַנגעזעצט אין אויטאָ, אַ קוק ‮געטאָן אויפֿן קאָנטראָלברעט, אַרײַנגעקוקט אין הינטערשפּיגל, אָנגעשטעלט דעם אויטאָ, אָנגעטרעטן אויפֿן גאַזפּעדאַל,…

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