Yiddish Words of The Week: New Year’s Eve

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New Year’s Eve // דער סילווע֜סטער־אָוונט // der silvester-ovnt —— auld lang syne: די צײַטן פֿון אַ מאָ֜ל [DI TSAYTN FUN A MOL] champagne: דער שאַמפּאַ֜ניער [DER ShAMPÁNYER] champagne bubbles:…

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How a Trove of Yiddish Letters Led to a Journey of Discovery

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Talk and Book Signing with Dr. David Slucki, Ph.D. Q & A with Dr. Holli Levitsky, Ph.D. A year after his father’s untimely death while visiting Los Angeles, David Slucki,…

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Support the League for Yiddish and our new beginnings in 2020!

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Dear Friends, As many of you already know, the League for Yiddish has big news. After 15 years, our devoted executive director/editor-in-chief of Afn Shvel Sheva Zucker is retiring. Sheva was instrumental…

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New Online Yiddish Dictionary for the New Year! English/Yidish Verterbukh Onlayn

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The groundbreaking online dictionary you have been “sitting on shpilkes” for has finally arrived! The League for Yiddish is thrilled to bring you the “Comprehensive ONLINE English-Yiddish Dictionary”, Gitl Schaechter-Viswanath…

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Words of The Week: Glasses

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bifocals: ביפֿאָקאַ֜לע ברילן; ביפֿאָקאַ֜לן [BIFOKÁLE BRILN; BIFOKÁLN] contact lens: דאָס קאָנטאַ֜קטל, ־⁠עך; די קאָנטאַ֜קטלינדז, ־⁠ן [DOS KONTÁKTL, -⁠EKh; DI KONTÁKTLINDZ, -⁠N] contact lens case: דאָס קאָנטאַ֜קטלעך־שיידל, ־עך [DOS KONTÁKTLEKh-ShEYDL, -EKh] contact lens…

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Words of The Week: Thanksgiving

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carve the turkey: צע)שנײַ֜דן <אױ֜פֿשנײַדן> דעם אי֜נדיק) [(TSE)ShNÁYDN <ÚFShNAYDN> DEM ÍNDIK] cranberry sauce: דער זשורעכלי֜נע־סאָס [DER ZhUREKhLÍNE-SOS] feast: די סעודה, ־ות [DI SÚDE, -S] give thanks for: זאָגן אַ דאַנק פֿאַר [ZOGN A DANK…

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Appreciating the Periodic Table of Elements‏ In Yiddish

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די פּעריאָדישע טאַבעלע פֿון עלעמענטן — אויף ייִדיש במשך פֿונעם יאָר 2019 האָט מען אַ סך געשריבן וועגן דער פּעריאָדישער טאַבעלע פֿון די עלעמענטן ווײַל הײַיאָר מערקט מען אָפּ דעם…

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Words of the Week: Impeachment // אימפּי֜טשמענט

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abuse of power: דאָס אױ֜סניצן די מאַכט לרעה; דער קרו֜מבאַניץ פֿון דער מאַכט [DOS ÓYSNITSN DI MAKhT LERÓE; DER KRÚMBANITS FUN DER MAKhT] article of impeachment: דער אײַ֜נשולדיק־⁠פּאַראַגראַ֜ף, ־ן [DER…

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Yiddish Animals Quiz

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You’re about to set off on an excursion around the world to find and document an extraordinary array of Yiddish creatures. Before you leave, you need to prepare with the…

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The Yiddish Handbook: 40 Words You Should Know

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The Yiddish language is a wonderful source of rich expressions, especially terms of endearment (and of course, complaints and insults). This article is a follow up on Ten Yiddish Expressions You…

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